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Sutikopacharya (After Delivery Regimen)

A period after delivery is the post-natal period. It is a critical phase in the lives of mothers and newborn babies. Most of the mothers will neglect their health by taking care of their child. In Ayurveda, Sutika paricharya(Post natal care) has given much importance.

Benefits of sutikaparicharya:

  • Helps woman to bring back pre-pregnant stage.
  • Eliminates the vata by different therapies.
  • Lightens the striae gravidarum(stretch marks)
  • Abdominal muscles strengthening
  • Gives Strength to the spine.
  • Promotes lactation.

Bodhi gives you pure ayurvedic care from 5th of normal delivery and from 15th day of caesarean section. Special therapy with medication, counselling and natal care will be advised by the specialists.


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